Unseen Theatre Company is based in Adelaide, Australia. It is an amateur theatre company which was formed in mid 1999 by Pamela and Melanie Munt. It specialises in Discworld plays by the British author Sir Terry Pratchett but has also produced other plays such as Gasping and Silly Cow by Ben Elton, Men Behaving Badly based on the TV series of the same name, and  Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles. A full list of our plays may be found on our Shows page.

In 2006 Unseen also produced Brien Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa, with Melanie bringing a cast of recent WAAPA graduates to Adelaide for the Adelaide Fringe, and combining them with local professional actors. like Peter Green.

We were particularly proud of our World Premiere of Terry Pratchett’s The Last Continent in 2009, which was the first play adapted by Pamela Munt. We thought is was particularly appropriate for her to adapt this one, as the play takes place in the Discworld equivalent of Australia!

Since then Pamela has continued to adapt stage plays directly from Sir Terry’s novels and is thrilled to have had great success with them.

The other original co-founder Melanie Munt has gone on to live and work in Hollywood, making lots of films, theatre, web series etc under her now married name of Melanie Lyons.

For more information, scroll down this page to see our Board Members. You can also see our FAQ page, and have a look through our shows, and our photos. If you would like to support us or if you are interesting in auditioning as a cast or crew member, go over to the ‘Get Involved‘ page.

Board Members

Pamela Munt

Artistic Director and Founding Board Member

Pamela’s thespian pursuits go back to her uni days when she majored in English and Drama.

She founded Unseen theatre company with her daughter Melanie in an attempt to divert from the ever present Neil Simon plays that keep rearing their ugly heads all over the amateur theatre circuit. Not that she doesn’t adore Neil Simon but really, how many times can he be repeated?

Her interest in science fiction is both as an avid reader and writer of it and inevitably led her to Terry Pratchett. She enjoys his subtle (well almost subtle) literary allusions and the way he uses his Discworld setting to parody almost everything we hold sacred. Despite having many roles in “normal” plays, the most Pratchett fun she has had so far as an actor, is her five different roles in Mort. All she wants now is her own personal phone box in which to change costume.

The most fun she has had as a writer is the recent production of “The Last Continent” where Terry gave her permission to adapt the book for the stage, which meant that she was writing, directing, producing and acting in the production. Again – where is that phone box?

Andrew Zeuner

Stage Manager, Production Manager

Andrew Zeuner is what Pamela fondly describes as her “right hand man”.

His official titles are Board Member and Stage Manager, but he does a whole lot more than that and Unseen Theatre Company could not possibly survive without him.

Let’s hope we never have to try!

Stephen Dean

Technical Manager, Board Member

Stephen excels in lighting design. He has designed many shows for companies in South Australia, in particular Unseen Theatre Company, Accidental Productions and The Bakehouse Theatre Company in recent times. He also works at a variety of venues around town as a multi-skilled venue technician.

Stephen has previously designed for the company Straylight Australia’s 2011 Adelaide Fringe Show- Shakespeare’s Mothers: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know and for their 2012 sequel – Shakespeare’s Queens: She-wolves and Serpents, which also took him to Edinburgh.

Amongst his day to day lighting tasks he has also found time to write a Technical theatre blog, Ramblings of a Techie, and he also writes for the trade magazine CX.

Melanie Munt

Founding Board Member

Melanie co-founded Unseen Theatre Company with Pamela in 1999 and was instrumental in creating the whole world which is now Unseen Theatre Company.

During her first few years with Unseen she played a wide variety of roles including Princess Kelly, Footnote, Angua and others too numerous to mention.

She also took on many backstage roles like Publicity Officer, Stage Manager, Assistant Director and jointly Directed the first Pratchett Pieces with Pamela for the Adelaide Fringe in 2002.

Since then Melanie has moved on to become a professional actor after having studied at the Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts. Her list of stage performances is too long to mention them all, but she was last seen on Stage for The State Theatre Company in Perth in “The Glass Menagerie”.

Her television appearances include “Lockie Leonard” and “Sea Patrol”.

She has worked on a number of films and is currently in production on a film called “Facade”.

Jody Munt

Founding Board Member and Webmaster

Jody’s brilliance at the computer was instrumental in getting Unseen Theatre Company “seen” from the very beginning in 1999.

Not only did she set up the whole website but has also been responsible for some very amusing anecdotes within it’s pages and incredibly creative with its design.

If we talk very quietly we hope that she won’t realise that she has been continually updating it for 10 years now and will continue to do so, keeping us at the forefront of the technological world that remains “unseen” to Pamela.