The Wee Free Men Reviews

Eccentric, charming and endearing… A show for the whole family, The Wee Free Men is scattered with comedy, satire and life lessons for us all. If you’re a fanwitches and tiffany of Terry Pratchett, you will love this adaptation. …Josie Giorgio was a particular stand-out, Natalie Haigh’s performance  brought dynamism and charisma, while the tongue in cheek humour of Toad played by Hugh O’Connor brought a beautiful energy to the stage” – Sarah Jean – TREv

 “Cordial, stimulating, and above all funny.. Munt’s stage version of .. The Wee Free Men is a rare stage adaptation that more than lives up to the standard set by its creator,  the late Sir Terry Pratchett….The show is an absolute riot of comedy and resourceful staging.. . Don’t miss it! Or there will be a reckoning! Crivens!” – Stephen Davenport – Barefoot Review


“The Wee Free Men delivered tongue-in-cheek humour, honoured the fantasy of the original novel, and boasted an exemplary cast…. Giorgio in particular should be praised, as she displayed great talent for a year-12 student. The ‘Wee Free Men’ ensemble was unerring in their portrayal of the pilfering pixies”  Nicola Woolford – Glam Adelaide.

“It’s totally enthralling sheer magic to experience this production…Alycia Rabig plays Miss Tick, with a suitably strait laced, respect-commanding manner, with Hugh O’Connor as Toad, effortlessly being more amphibian than anyone could possibly expect.  Tiffany is brought to life by Josephine Giorgio, an outstanding young actor… Set changes throughout utilised possibly the most brilliant concept I’ve ever seen, the thieving ways of the Nac Mac Feegle…Unseen Theatre Company just keeps getting better and better, and this production will enchant and take you on a very special trip. Enjoy.” – Christine Pyman – Broadway World