2000 – Messenger Light Year Award for best costumes – “Mort

2003 – Oscart Award (Advertiser Newspapers Ltd) – “Andrew Dowling as a very funny Igneous Cutwell” – “Mort

2003 – Adelaide Critics Circle Award Nomination for Andrew Dowling in for his role as Cutwell in “Mort

2004 – Yorrick’s (Brickbat award) (Sunday Mail) for Discworld Theatre in General

2005—Messenger Light Year Award for “Best Actor in a Comedy – Steve Parker as Cohen the Barbarian in Interesting Times and as Sidney in Silly Cow

2005 – Adelaide Critic’s Circle Award Nomination – Steve Parker in “Silly Cow

2005 – Special mention in Rip It Up’s “The Theatre Year in Review” – “Pamela Munt’s Unseen Theatre Company, with a regular fare of dramatisations of the works of Terry Pratchett. This year saw the best effort by far, so far, in Going Postal, which worked far better than any past productions because of Munt’s brave, major reworking of the script. Their production of Silly Cow also won praise.

2006 – Messenger Light Year Awards. Best Comedy. “Special Mention – Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles. Best Actor In A Comedy – “Special Mention: Steve Parker as Captain Kirk in Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles.

2007- Nominated for the TASA “Curtain Call” Awards for Most Popular Show