Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    No you do not need to book a specific time. We audition in groups with everyone coming at the same time on the audition day. You do, however, need to let us know that you are attending auditions, so that we can check you off on our list and make sure that everyone is there before we start.

    They are usually held at The Bakehouse Theatre but sometimes elsewhere. If you log in and subscribe to our Auditions mailing list, you will be kept informed.

    No, unfortunately not. We cast only people over 18. We have cast younger people before and found that there is a high “no show” rate at rehearsals because, for example, they have too much schoolwork or cannot drive or do not have their own car to get to rehearsals.

    We might, as a rare exception, consider casting a 16 or 17 year old but you would have to demonstrate that you have the ability and commitment to attend rehearsals. When you fill out the “Private Bio” box on your Private Profile on this website (on your User Page once you have logged in), you should explain in detail how you meet these criteria. For example, can you drive and do you have your own car? How far away do you live? (Rehearsals are normally held in the city.) What other commitments do you have? Will you reliably turn up at rehearsals 3 nights a week for about 10 weeks and then at the performances (4 nights a week for 3 weeks)? See the next question below too.

    At the door you will be shown where to fill in an audtion form. Please keep these with you until you are called.

    The whole group will be given general background information about:

    * Unseen Theatre Company
    * the play(s) being produced

    There is no need to prepare anything. We will then do “cold” readings in small groups from scripts which you will be given. Unfortunately this will mean a bit of waiting around but that is unavoidable.

    Sometimes, some roles will already be cast, so if you have your heart set on these and nothing else you may want to consider whether or not you attend.

    If any roles are pre-cast you will be informed of this in the audition notice that is sent out.

    There is no need to prepare anything. We will do “cold” readings in small groups from scripts which you will be given. Unfortunately this will mean a bit of waiting around but that is unavoidable.

    If you have read the relevant Pratchett novel (or any Pratchett novels) that would probably help.

    If, however, you have a favourite monologue that you feel shows off your talents and would like the Director to see it, please let us know and we will find time to hear it after the “cold” readings.

    We don’t necessarily need a lot of experience. Enthusiasm, willingness to learn, a sense of humour and commitment to the rest of the group in terms of availability and showing up is very important.

    We cannot stress enough the commitment factor. It is our highest priority.

    Think of it more as a job than a hobby in terms of commitment.

    We rehearse 3 evenings per week (7.30pm to 9.30pm)(usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

    You must be prepared to be available for these 3 evenings, but after the rehearsals schedule has been made up, not all people will be required at all rehearsals.

    Once you are cast in a role you will receive a rehearsal schedule which shows exactly when you are required. If you are unable to make it on an occasion you must ring and let us know otherwise you will be letting everyone else who has made the effort to be there down.

    In the week leading up to performance time (Production Week) you will be expected to be readily available any evening of that week, for the times when we are able to get the theatre to rehearse.

    All of the performance times are strict requirements. There is no point in auditioning for a role unless you are absolutely certain that you can make all performance dates. All actors are required at the theatre on performance nights one hour before the performance begins.

    Cast and crew must become members of Unseen Theatre Company. Membership costs $30 per year and it gives you discounts to all of our plays for that year, whether you are in them or not. It also makes a minor contribution towards the insurance costs of the play.

    Cast and crew also receive a two free tickets (to give to friends or family) for the play in which they are participating.

    All of our shows are performed at The Bakehouse Theatre at 255 Angas Street, Adelaide.

    No you don’t need to audition as such, but you need to attend on the audition day for a short time to register your interest with our Stage Manager.

    You also need to create a User Account on this website AND fill out your audition interests in your Private Profile (on your User Page) AND subscribe to the Auditions mailing list. After that you will be contacted by our Stage Manager with further details.

    Firstly, you must be currently living in Adelaide or be moving here in the future when we are rehearsing and producing a play.

    Next, you should make sure you have a User Account on this website. Log in to your account and go to your own User Page by clicking on the “My Account” button (orange one near the top right of the page). Scroll down and there you will see all the mailing lists that we run. Under the Auditions list, click the Subscribe button. Now you will be kept informed about when our auditions are to be held.

    Now stay on your User Page and scroll to the top and look in the ‘Welcome’ box. Click on the link to create your ‘Private Profile’. This is where you can fill in your audition interests, as well as your personal details. This information will not be visible on the website to anyone else.

    Although you don’t have to “audition” as such, we usually get people who are interested in back stage work to attend on the audition day to speak to our Stage Manager.

About Unseen

    In Adelaide, which is in the state of South Australia, which is in Australia.

    Bottom line? – Once you are part of the cast or crew for a particular play, stop thinking of it as a hobby.  Rather think of it as a job where you just happen to have fun and meet like-minded people.

    By private investment and ticket sales.

    All net ticket sales go towards producing the next play.

    Donations welcome.

    No, probably not. At this stage, we only perform in Adelaide and haven’t thought about going elsewhere.

    We have, of course, been begged to travel both interstate and overseas with our performances, but realistically guys – I mean come on!  How much does it cost you to come to us compared to how much it would cost to travel a full cast and crew (not to mention sets, props etc.) elsewhere?

    Did I forget to mention that we are an amateur theatre company whose cast and crew mostly have full time jobs and who would need to get leave (all at the same time)  from those jobs,  have to pay their own expenses and travel costs, the hire cost of the theatre, etc. etc..

    As I said, “c’mon guys” ……………………………LOVE  to do it if we had the funding.

    You may think that because Pamela had permssion to adapt “Pratchett Pieces” “The Last Continent”, “Small Gods” and “The Wee Free Men” that you are also able to adapt his novels.  This is not the case.

    The ruling handed down from those on high since Terry’s estate has been finalised is that no new adaptations of his novels are allowed.

    Amateur Theatre Companies are confined to producing only those works already adapted by Stephen Briggs.

    Stephen Briggs is the one who adapts most of the Discworld novels into scripts for the stage, and you can get the relevant copyright permission from him for a fee. For his contact information go to