Season 2020 updates

Hi Everyone, I do hope that you are all keeping well in these distressing times. I know that your inbox is probably full of cancellations due the this horrid coronavirus but we do need to let you know what is going on. We just want to assure you that we are all still here and eagerly awaiting the time that we can once again entertain you on stage. What we had originally planned for the “Year of the Condescending Carp” was:- A huge celebration of UNSEEN’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY, including a “museum” type display of previous Props, Costumes, Scrapbooks, Cast photos… Read more


Happy Hogswatch to all of our loyal supporters out there! We thank you so much for joining in all of our fun in 2018 and we look forward to renewing your acquaintance in 2019. As per usual we will be staging two productions.  One in April and one in Oct/Nov. Each of these productions will require a 10 week rehearsal prior to the season commencing. Our scribes are very busy with Hogswatch greetings at the moment, so do the maths yourselves and work out when  you need to join our audition list.. Mailing lists    

Website is up and running

Well the website is finally back up again! It has been rewritten onto some brand new old parchment scrolls and it has also been redesigned a little, so that you can navigate your way more easily between the scrolls without tearing them up so much and bending the corner curls over. Some things may be missing as our scribes are still working day and night to copy in all the information from the past nearly ten years of Unseen’s existence. Some material will unfortunately remain forever in room 3b. The scroll imps have also arranged things to make it possibe… Read more

Round the Traps

Notes from Pamela, Manager of Unseen: 1. The Scrollmaster is fantastic. 2. Keep an eye out (literally that is – DON’T BLINK) for a shot of our flyer on a TV commercial for the Fringe somewhere around the middle to late January. 3. Set Designer Damien has been very busy making bridges, doors, puppets and broadswords. 4. We are looking for a cheap van to paint with our logo and various other decorations so that we can use it to drive around advertising and to cart our sets and props around, so if you know anyone who had something like… Read more