I am under 18. Can I audition?

No, unfortunately not. We cast only people over 18. We have cast younger people before and found that there is a high “no show” rate at rehearsals because, for example, they have too much schoolwork or cannot drive or do not have their own car to get to rehearsals.

We might, as a rare exception, consider casting a 16 or 17 year old but you would have to demonstrate that you have the ability and commitment to attend rehearsals. When you fill out the “Private Bio” box on your Private Profile on this website (on your User Page once you have logged in), you should explain in detail how you meet these criteria. For example, can you drive and do you have your own car? How far away do you live? (Rehearsals are normally held in the city.) What other commitments do you have? Will you reliably turn up at rehearsals 3 nights a week for about 10 weeks and then at the performances (4 nights a week for 3 weeks)? See the next question below too.