Review of ERIC by Ewart Shaw

Reviewer: Ewart Shaw
First published in: Advertiser
Date of review: 8 October 2018


ERIC – The Bakehouse until October 20.

 Please note: non Pratchett lovers, and there may be a few, won’t understand half of this review.  Now read on.

The story of Eric, pimply teen demonologist (Sam Tutty, left), and Rincewind the wizard (Chris Irving) is not one of the greatest Pratchett adventures, but Pamela Munt’s adaptation to the Unseen Theatre Company’s house style, has laughs and thoughts enough to satisfy fans.

Director Munt turns up as Footnote to fill in the narrative gaps, and the cast, almost all of them Unseen veterans, work hard to put the story across.

Hugh O’Connor stands out as the Lavaeolus, the Discworld Ulysses, and Amy Ford is an energetic Urgglefloggah.

Danny Sag impresses in multiple roles and Alicia Rabig is a great parrot and creator of planets. Other demons and denizens are incarnated by Paul Messenger, and Harold Roberts.

Special mention must be made of David Dyte as the carnivorous luggage.

There are some great costumes and technical effects from Michelle Whichello and Stephen Dean, a bit too much furniture for smooth scene changes, some neat film bits, and enough Pratchett magic and wisdom to carry the play along.