Review of Going Postal by Rod Lewis

Reviewer: Rod Lewis
First published in: Encore Magazine

A new benchmark has been set as Unseen Theatre, Adelaide’s resident Terry Pratchett experts, present the best Discworld play this side of A’Tuin.

The Australian premiere of Stephen Brigg’s stage adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s novel is funnier than most and superbly realised by director Pamela Munt. No previous Discworld play in this city has come close.

The Discworld is a fantasy land riding on the back of space-faring turtle A’Tuin. In this world where anything is possible, our own society is often reflected through the eyes of misfit characters and sentient creatures.

Steve Parker is Albert Spangler, AKA Moist Von Lipwig, a conman saved from hanging to restore the Discworld’s collapsed postal service which can’t compete against faster, modern means of communication.

Parker is once again a strong lead, and is ably supported by some very fine performances including Kahlia Muller as businesswoman Adora, Philip Lineton as Lord Vetinari and Tom Fitzsimons as Junior Postmaster Groat.

Double-act Alice and Merri Brown are outstanding in an all-too-short cameo as Mad Al and Sane Alex.

Some less experienced cast members need to watch their diction, but with energy levels so high, only practice will teach them better control.

Munt’s direction is tight, utilising the impressive split set to its full potential. Song selections are spot on and any blackouts last no more than a few seconds or less.

Funny, fast and unbeatably fabulous. See it before the season ends on 10 December.