Review of Making Money by Fringe Benefits

Reviewer: Fringe Benefits
First published in: Fringe Benefits
Date of review: 15 April 2009

From Fringe Benefits. Full review here:

Local director Pamela Munt … presents a coherent cast of fourteen talented actors; an appealing versatile set and complementary soundtrack.

Working through a well written witty script, the cast, led ably by Paul Briske (Moist Von Lipwig) and Mark Ormsby (Mr Bent), perform convincingly and maintain fairly consistent British accents. The cast do not just present Pratchett’s fantasy world, rather they engage and involve the audience in it.

The Bakehouse Theatre’s stage space is certainly optimised for this occasion. The set incorporates different levels; it looks like scaffolding set up against the back wall. The basic bare set contrasts well against the lavish props: rich mahogany desks, luxurious rugs, the banker’s green lamp, the strange brass contraption (the Glooper), and the Mint’s production line.

The play is very well paced; it ambles along. Everything, from the seamless transitions from scene to scene, provided by the great stage crew, to the lighting sequences and fun songs about money that effectively divert the audience’s attention, contributes to this steady pace.

Familiar or not with Terry Pratchett’s novels, this show is highly entertaining and provides an interesting reflection on the current global financial crisis.

A good giggle.