Review of Maskerade by Rod Lewis

Reviewer: Rod Lewis
First published in: Messenger Newspapers

Messenger Newspapers 5/5/04

Witch Joins the ‘Phantom’

There is a phantom in the opera of Ankh Morpork who happens to write musicals about it.
But can he be the same villian that is bumping off the staff?
That is the mystery of Maskerade, Stephen Briggs’ adaptation of the Terry Pratchett novel of the same name.  In the fantasy land of Discworld, two witches get caught in the mystery while tracking down a potential third member for their coven who has run away to join the opera.

Pamela Munt has come into her own, making no-nonsense witch Granny Weatherwax an endearing hag.

Not so successful is Tracey Watchman as Nanny Ogg, the softer of the two enchantresses. Her interpretation of the character as a lascivious bag lady is done well but is a far cry from the novel. Fabulous as ever is Bryan Ormond playing the gluttenous opera star Enrico, matched by Danielle Seal in the role of his interpereter.

Sadly, Erik Strauts’ direction is barely adequate for one so experienced. There is a surprising number of masking problems, compounded by cast members who upstage each other.

On lighting and sound, Robert Andrews is stellar, meeting a number of tightly timed cues.

Despite the faults, this is a witty take on Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera and a fun show.
Rod Lewis

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