Review of The Last Continent by Ewart Shaw

Reviewer: Ewart Shaw
First published in: The Advertiser
Date of review: 19 October 2009

Unseen Theatre Company and their tireless director Pamela Munt take on yet another Pratchett challenge. This time Pamela Munt has done her own adaptation and she knows the territory, and the venue really well.

The major action of the play has been seriously simplified. She takes a hatchet to Pratchett and clears the way for some very sound laughs and some good solid performances.The on stage camaraderie smoothes over any rough bits.

As before it really does help if you’ve read the book so a) you know what’s going on and B) you can admire the skill with which she’s shaped the story. It will help you understand why the luggage for example sports a fetching pink skirt, and the bar tender’s a crocodile. Pratchett fans should see it and if you don’t like TP’s Discworld then go somewhere else.

Alister Preece is athletic as Rincewind, deftly employing his strong resemblance to the hapless wizard and Elliot Howard skilfully shapes his various characters, as do Marlon Dance-Hooi and Hugh O’Connor. The supporting wizards, animal spirits and other denizens are suitably animated, and lovers of very false beards will find much to admire.

The opening night audience enjoyed themselves noisily.