Break in!

Thieves broke in last night and stole a pair of shoes used by Detritus in our last play from our Costume Department (the wardrobe in Pamela’s study). We are glad to be finally getting some recognition from the Thieves Guild and look forward to a relationship and spirit of further co-operation between our guilds in the future. Perhaps even a BBQ (BYO or SYO) will be arranged and they might even come and steal some Hogswatch cards from us. To remind readers, we requested the shoes to be stolen about 5 months ago. Certainly no one in our theatre company would even go near the shoes to carry them out to the Ankh River. They had been lurking in the wardrobe.

Late-breaking news: The thieves tried to break in again last night but luckily Constable Nobby was on patrol and happened to be in our guild himself, checking that our stockpile of prop weapons was in working order. Nobby arrested the thieves for the attempted return of stolen goods, ie the shoes. Nobby was last seen wearing the shoes about town. He says, “They must be magicked or sumfink, I’m having greater success with the criminals but not wif the ladies — they both run away screaming and pinchin’ their noses. I don’t know why, Colon doesn’t seem to mind.”