Round the Traps

Notes from Pamela, Manager of Unseen:

1. The Scrollmaster is fantastic.
2. Keep an eye out (literally that is – DON’T BLINK) for a shot of our flyer on a TV commercial for the Fringe somewhere around the middle to late January.
3. Set Designer Damien has been very busy making bridges, doors, puppets and broadswords.
4. We are looking for a cheap van to paint with our logo and various other decorations so that we can use it to drive around advertising and to cart our sets and props around, so if you know anyone who had something like that to sell for a reasonable price, please email Damien.
5. Costume Lady Sharman has already started scavenging, budgeting, traveling around to all sorts of different costume places, consulting with the wonderful ladies at the Scouts costume shop and even setting the Director to work sewing!
6. There are vague rumours that Sean (Director of Lords and Ladies) has even begun some work.
7. We say a fond farewell to Steve and Janice who will be leaving us for New Zealand some time soon (we think – some of us suspect that they are just trying to get out of some work). Welcome Erik taking over the sound and lighting in Steve’s place for PP and a huge thank you to the Scrollmaster for temporarily taking over this gazette for Janice.
8. Neil, the Stage Manager is keeping a low profile at the moment but that’s okay. The crew is not needed just yet. He will, however, be harassed very soon.
9. Lots of applications for “Friends of Unseen” are coming in. I will get to those membership cards as soon as I can. Thank you to those people.
10. We have had quite a few rehearsals already but they will become much more serious on the 15th of this month after our Hogswatch holiday break.
11. We are due to start painting our banner which will lead us in our Fringe Parade on 22nd February. Don’t forget to come and cheer us along.