Website is up and running

Well the website is finally back up again!

It has been rewritten onto some brand new old parchment scrolls and it has also been redesigned a little, so that you can navigate your way more easily between the scrolls without tearing them up so much and bending the corner curls over.

Some things may be missing as our scribes are still working day and night to copy in all the information from the past nearly ten years of Unseen’s existence. Some material will unfortunately remain forever in room 3b.

The scroll imps have also arranged things to make it possibe for scroll readers (or ‘users’) to magically create an ‘account’. This means that YOU, the scroll user, can actually become a sort of part-time temp scribe yourself and write in comments about the shows that Unseen puts on. Right now, The Last Continent is playing, so if you have seen it, get scribing and tell us what you thought of it! If you haven’t yet seen it, then get to it before Granny Weatherwax comes and stares at you!