Unseen Name Game

Unseen University continues to bombard us with noisome writs, delivered by that zombie, Arcus Downe. Here is an extract of our reply to them:Unseen Uni Wizards

Dear Sirs,

In regard to your claim of breach of trademark, we were “Unseen” long before you were Unseen. For years, no one was seeing our plays – long before no one started seeing your lectures. We have achieved greater lack of recognition and publicity than has your university.

Should you continue with this campaign, we will with reluctance have to withdraw your annual complimentary tickets to our main play, and you will not be able to fail to take your best seats in the house at our plays again.

You will probably never even see this epistle.

Etc Etc
Unseen Theatre Co Administrative Executive in Charge of Mail

In response, they dared to send us an impersonal street-scriber bulk job on recycled parchment stating:

Dear Mr Etc,

The wizards of Unseen University are currently not accepting any submissions from anywhere. However, we are sure your submission is worthy of attention and wish you luck in finding that attention elsewhere.


Well, I think that proves our point and our entitlement to our name!