Review of Going Postal (2019) by Christine Pyman

Reviewer: Christine Pyman
First published in: Broadway World
Date of review: 22 November 2019

“There’s a delicious ironic pleasure to be had to come to understand that, even while you are enjoying watching a comedic play, ostensibly about criminal activities, you are the ones creating this rich vein of society that’s being mined and re-presented for our entertainment. Darkness and laughter mix intoxicatingly well.

Unseen Theatre Company, for those that don’t already know, is the brilliant brainchild of Pamela Munt, director, actor, and chief whip-holder Pamela is to be applauded for her vision and task-making, and her perspicacity in gathering a talented bunch of people around her. Costumes, set design, production, photography, and everything that goes into making a successful production shine….taking a good, fun production to a higher level.” – Christine Pyman – Broadway World

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