Review of Wyrd Sisters 2011 by Krystoff

Reviewer: Krystoff

RAW: The Wyrd Sisters – Bakehouse – Til 25th June – 3.5K

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, a place where wizards, witches, heroes and the like exist and are taken seriously by its human inhabitants, is the source of this romps put on for us the Unseen Theatre Company at the Bakehouse.

In Wyrd Sisters, the fiendish death of the king (Paul Messenger) by Duke Leonal Felmet (James Loader), aided and abetted by his wife, the Duchess (Samm Blackmore) stirs the minds and actions of the three local witches (Pamela Munt, Therese Hornby and Lucy Haas-Hennessy) as they seek to restore right to the kingdom. In this quest, their work is assisted by a host of characters, the most notable of which is the Fool (Marlon Dance-Hooi).

Stephen Brigg’s adaptation, further worked on by Pamela Munt, of Pratchett’s original novel (one of 37) calls for a big cast and fourteen actors play out near on 30 roles. Leading the credits list in this rendition is Dance-Hooi. His is a terrific performance, multi coloured and faceted, that keeps us amused as he bells his way continuously across the stage.

James Loader as the evil Duke also deserves special mention, his scheming and unfortunate marks of the blood on his hands has elements of Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition and Blackadder. In the second half, Hugh O’Connor delights as the battling writer/director Hwell and Pamela Munt (as Granny Weatherwax) and Therese Hornby (as Nanny Ogg) drive the witches’ sorcery forward with gusto and great credit to their make-up team.

Indeed, full marks are scored by all backstage as the costumes are terrific (the witches’ hats and the Fool’s gear and make-up notable amongst many fine pieces) and the manipulation of the stage near seamlessly achieved.
For a nice take on the rotten world we live in, with all our cunning vanities and other assorted failings, Wyrd Sistersmakes for an enjoyable evening by a fine and (mostly) young cast.
Kryztoff Rating 3.5K