Wyrd Sisters 2011

Reviewer: Stage Whispers

Wyrd Sisters

Novel by Terry Pratchett. Original adaptation by Stephen Briggs. Reworked for Unseen by Pamela Munt.

Unseen Theatre Company (SA).
The Bakehouse Theatre. Director/Producer: Pamela Munt. Co-Director: David Dyte. Set Design: David Good, Stephen Dean, Pamela Munt.
Costumes: Kahlia Tutty and Samm Blackmore. June 10 – 25, 2011.

Of Terry Pratchett’s 39 Discworld novels, 15 of them have been adapted for stage.

But you don’t need to be a Pratchett fan to “get” this play. The Chamberlain (Alastair Preece) orients audiences to the Discworld and sets the tone; this is going to be funny, so get ready to laugh.

From there, we’re launched into the story of three witches who find themselves sorting out the mess that follows when they have a baby, the heir to the throne, thrust into their arms by a dying man.

Two things highlight the way Unseen Theatre Company is maturing in its Discworld productions.
For starters, every one of the costumes is detailed and colorful. Samm Blackmore’s matching costumes for herself as the Duchess and James Loader as the Duke are an intricately fashioned masterpiece.

Next is the cut above perfect set design. One example is a projector combined with a rear curtain to allow the ghost, the Late King Verence of Lancre (Paul Messenger), to walk through a brick wall.

Apart from Terry Pratchett fans, lovers of fantasy and British humor can enjoy this.
Daniel G Taylor

The witches. (L-R): Granny Weatherwax (Pamela Munt), Magrat Garlick (Lucy Haas-Hennessy), Nanny Ogg (Therese Hornby). Photographer: Michael Errey.