Review of The Truth by Allison Thomas

Reviewer: Allison Thomas
First published in: Encore Magazine
Date of review: 28 October 2017

The Truth

Review by Allison Thomas

“The Truth shall make ye free” is the basis of the latest play, adapted by Stephen Briggs, based on another of Terry Pratchett’s books performed by Unseen Theatre, directed and produced by Pamela Munt.

It was enlightening to finally see Hugh O’Connor’s “real” face, after his many disguises as other characters and creatures in previous Pratchett plays I have seen. His stage presence and depiction of William de Worde, the intrepid journalist, was excellent.

Danny Sag also provided lots of laughs with his clever accent as the reformed vampire Otto Chriek. And Pamela Munt’s deep masculine voice and commanding presence was suitably ghoulish as the zombie lawyer Mr Slant!

Nick Andrews and Paul Messenger as the nasty Mr Pin and Mr Tulip were excellent evil Blues Brothers-type crooks, except for Mr Tulip’s “–ing”. If you haven’t read the book, you don’t know what he is saying at first. However most of my friends “worked it out”!

The star of the show was definitely Gaspode, the cute little dog, fetchingly played by Aimee Ford.

All of the other actors, some of who played multiple characters, were well practiced. The “fight scene” is cleverly executed!

I also admired the way the acting area was split into 4 areas, on different levels, and the action moved around from one place to another, cudos to Andrew Zeuner and David Good’s Set Design and Construction.

The sound and lighting effects by Stephen Dean and Eleanor Adams were outstanding, especially the “imps and dark light effects”.

The audience laughed all the way through and enjoyed all of Terry Pratchett’s clever speeches, puns and words, and the many sight gags included in this play. Too many to remember – like this one “there will be no more prints (prince) of darkness”!!

I highly recommend you go along and see this clever funny adaptation, or “The Truth will make you fret”!!


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