Pamela Munt

Artistic Director and Founding Board Member

Pamela’s thespian pursuits go back to her uni days when she majored in English and Drama.

She founded Unseen theatre company with her daughter Melanie in an attempt to divert from the ever present Neil Simon plays that keep rearing their ugly heads all over the amateur theatre circuit. Not that she doesn’t adore Neil Simon but really, how many times can he be repeated?

Her interest in science fiction is both as an avid reader and writer of it and inevitably led her to Terry Pratchett. She enjoys his subtle (well almost subtle) literary allusions and the way he uses his Discworld setting to parody almost everything we hold sacred. Despite having many roles in “normal” plays, the most Pratchett fun she has had so far as an actor, is her five different roles in Mort. All she wants now is her own personal phone box in which to change costume.

The most fun she has had as a writer is the recent production of “The Last Continent” where Terry gave her permission to adapt the book for the stage, which meant that she was writing, directing, producing and acting in the production. Again – where is that phone box?

Script adaptation and Director
Director and Script adaptation
Archchancellor Rincewind